Yusra Ali

With a master’s degree in Gender Studies, Yusra’s academic background exemplifies her commitment to addressing inequalities and tackling racial injustice.

This dedication has been a consistent thread throughout her career, commencing with her working for a charity supporting young people with learning disabilities, and extends to her role with World Vision where she delivered data analysis for a report on child marriage in Northwest Syria.

More recently, Yusra guided the Funders for Race Equality Alliance (FREA), expanding the philanthropic network and the sector’s dedication to racial justice. Yusra passionately advocates for evidence-based learning, recognising data as a catalyst for achieving racial equity and justice. During her time at FREA, she spearheaded the delivery of the largest Racial Justice Audit, analysing data from 1003 grants, totalling £85.1 million.

Yusra has a personal interest in social enterprise stemming from her own entrepreneurial spirit. In 2020, she successfully launched a project selling Cedar-shaped enamel pins to raise funds for Impact Lebanon following the Beirut Blast. Yusra recently completed a business accelerator course and has ambitions to launch her own social enterprise in 2024. Her multifaceted journey aligns with Access’ mission of making capital work for all communities, and she is dedicated to championing equal and equitable access.