Director of Partnerships and Advocacy

This is a unique opportunity to shape the future of the social investment and support ecosystem over the next five years.

Access was established in 2015 to improve access to social investment for those charities and social enterprises experiencing barriers or facing exclusion from being able to do so. Access is a life-limited organisation, anticipated to exist for ten years. The ambition over that time is to both directly impact charities and social enterprises through the delivery of our programmes, but also to change the social investment ecosystem to better serve these organisations in the long term and once Access has gone.

Over the last five years, our programmes have transformed the ways in which social investment providers and capacity building organisations can support charities and social enterprises around England. We have generated a wealth of learning about how to effectively apply grant to change incentives in the ecosystem so it can better serve the needs of charities and social enterprises and build resilience in the long term. We are widely regarded for reflecting the values of the sector and for our network leadership approach.

As we enter the second half of our live, we have begun to carefully plan towards our legacy. This includes thinking through the conditions that need to be in place across the social investment ecosystem over the next five years for Access to be able to close, and to close well. We have developed three legacy objectives, mapped the stakeholders who are key to achieving them, and identified how we need to influence them.

The role will lead the development and delivery of our advocacy function. You will be a key member of our leadership team, reporting to the CEO and supporting him, the Director of Learning, the Board and your colleagues in communicating and influencing with impactful narratives and content. Without focusing on building Access’s own brand, you will raise the profile of our work, and crucially that of our partners, with key audiences and stakeholders, ensuring that we are able to influence at the highest levels on behalf of the organisations we seek to support.

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