Access is launched!

Access - the Foundation for Social Investment, launched on Friday March 20th 2015.

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Access is launched! On Friday March 20th, Access – the Foundation for Social Investment launched. Hosted by the South Oxfordshire Food and Education Academy in Didcot, were surrounded by partners and colleagues, funders and charities.

Here is a short film about Access which was shown at our launch to tell you more about our plans and our mission.


ACCESS - The Foundation for Social Investment

Charities and social enterprises create social change to change lives, but they need investment to achieve more impact. And although much has been achieved to help finance and support these organisations, some smaller organisations and new ideas get stuck at the gaps.

That's why the idea for a new foundation was formed, to bridge the gap between investors and deliverers of change. A Foundation for Social Investment. A Foundation that blends grants and loans to extend the reach of social fund managers. A Foundation that supports organisations with finance and capacity. A place where Social impact can be enabled. A place to bring about change.

A place that's easy to ACCESS.


Please return here for photos from the event, and don’t forget to follow us on Twitter.

Download the press release.