Phases of our Life

We have a ten year life. Our current strategy outlines what we plan to do in the first two full years of our work.

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  • Develop our first grant programmes and test how effectively they work for our target population
  • Make the majority of commitments through the growth fund


  • Reflect on the strengths and weaknesses of our programmes and reassess our target population. Ask if other charities and social enterprises still receiving investment readiness support funded by others
  • Manage the deployment of funds through our lending partners for the Growth Fund and share the lessons we are learning
  • Understand what our role might be in securing further sources of blended capital to support lending to charities and social enterprises seeking under £150k


  • Continue to develop and deliver our capacity building grant programmes based on our learning, lessons from others and changes in what charities and social enterprises need
  • Share the lessons from the Growth Fund and our expertise in blending capital to facilitate small loans