Support Provider Feedback

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If you work as a provider of support for charities and social enterprises seeking social investment, we want to hear from you about your experience, in order to learn from and respond to your feedback. While we are particularly interested in organisations directly involved in the Access Foundation’s Reach Fund and Impact Management Programme, we are also keen to hear your views and experiences of work on other similar progammes.

To initiate this process, we are providing three ways you can share your views.

  1. Open Forum (online)
    Use the form at the bottom of this page to send in your comments, questions or suggestions.
    All responses will be shared publicly, here, to encourage open debate and exchange. Please take this into account when submitting your comments, taking particular care concerning any details about your clients.  
    As stated above, as well providing feedback on Access’ programmes, you can also use this form to send in general comments, or feedback on other experiences of investment/impact-readiness work you have done. Should you wish to remain anonymous, simply enter ‘Anon’ into the Name/Organisation fields.
    n.b. click here to open the form in a new tab in your browser. 
  2. Open Forum (‘in real life’)
    In order to facilitate shared learning amongst your peers, we would like to host a meeting for support providers, with an agenda which will be shaped by all of those taking part. All social investment support providers are welcome to attend, and discussions will cover both issues arising from Access’ programmes, and broader issues for your practice across social investment as a whole.
    Our proposal is to host a meeting at our offices in London, in March 2017. To register your interest in attending, drop us an email, and complete this doodle poll to let us know your availability. 
    If you are unable to attend in person we will make webinar/video conference options available for you to take part remotely, and a list of attendees/summary notes will be shared following the meeting.
  3. Direct Email 
    While we would encourage you to take part in open discussion, there may be some feedback which you do not feel comfortable sharing publically. If you wish to send us any comments in confidence, please do so by sending us an email.

n.b. Those of you who have taken part in the Impact Management Providers roundtables will be aware that we and our delivery partners are committed to having the experience of providers represented in our steering group meetings. Our intention is to use the feedback we receive through the channels above to fulfil this commitment.