Current Support Programmes

How to get involved in our current and developing programmes.

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Across all of its work, Access works with partners to deliver its programmes. If you are charity or social enterprise seeking support, follow the links below to our delivery partners websites.

Current Programmes

The Reach Fund provides support to charities and social enterprises who are already close to the point of taking on social investment. In order to apply to the fund, an organisation must be referred by a social investor registered with the fund, known as an ‘Access Point’. 

All the details about how to apply, including a list of active Access Point social investors, is available on the The Reach Fund’s dedicated website. You can also see a summary of grants made via the Reach Fund on our Quarterly dashboards.

The Impact Management Programme provides support for charities and social enterprises seeking to grow their ability to quantify, report on, increase and ‘get paid for’ their impact. Delivered on our behalf by a partnership led by NPC, it has been co-designed by the sector to ensure it is user-friendly and reflects organisations’ needs.

If you are a charity, social enterprise or community business actively seeking investment or contract opportunities looking for support with impact management, please visit for information about the programme, for practical tools and guidance, email or follow @Access_Impact on Twitter. 

The Connect Fund is a partnership between Access and the Barrow Cadbury Trust, providing support to organisations delivering services for charities and social enterprises seeking social investment.

We know that supporting the social investment sector’s infrastructure is a critical part of building this ecosystem for the long term. Hence we have committed 10% of our endowment to directly fund social investment and broader voluntary and social enterprise infrastructure to better meet the needs of charities and social enterprises.

With a particular focus on catalysing new networks, products and support from the infrastructure sector which helps meet the enterprise development and finance needs of the sector, The Connect Fund plays a key role in helping Access achieve its objectives for our enterprise development programme.

For more information, visit the Connect Fund website.

Programmes in Development

As set out in ‘Our Approach’, from 2018-2023 Access will commit £40m to a programme to support enterprise development for charities and social enterprises in England.

This will provide a broad range of support to help organisations make a transition to new enterprise models, or grow existing ones, with a focus on the models which are best enabled by access to finance, and on enabling organisations to utilise the tool of social investment as part of that transition.

We will develop this programme by working in a limited number of sub-sectors: our ambition is then to build on what we have learned and broaden our programme out to further sub-sectors.

Initially, we have chosen to focus on homelessness and youth services. This is because we believe that these sectors have significant untapped potential for enterprise development and therefore a latent requirement for social investment, and it is where we believe we can be particularly additional.

If your organisation works within either of these sectors, please follow our blog, or sign up for our monthly e-newsletter to get the latest updates.