Access’ Mission

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Access - First Steps

An introduction to Access: John Kingston explains the vision of Access in this short animated video.


We are Access – The Foundation for Social Investment.

Our role is to make it easier for charities and social enterprises in England to access the capital they need to grow and increase their impact.

You could say we work to bridge the gap between charities and social enterprises on one side and social investors on the other, to help make social investment easier to find and more relevant for charities and social enterprises.

To do this we need to change the way social investment is delivered, so that it can reach the parts of the charity and social enterprise sector who are yet to benefit.

We don’t think this can happen overnight, and we are spending ten years working on it. Over that time we hope to help hundreds of charities and social enterprises increase the impact they can make, through being fuelled by social investment, and for them to be examples to encourage even more.

We do this by

  1. Funding organisations to run grant and support programmes for charities and social enterprises;
  2. Funding organisations to make small loans to charities and social enterprises; and
  3. Sharing the learning from how these programmes work.

All of our programmes are delivered through and in partnership with other organisations. These partners include existing social lenders, other charitable foundations, sector support organisations and grant administrators. We do this because those partners are much better able to work with the breadth and diversity of the charity and social enterprise sector than we could on our own. We also believe that helping others to deliver social investment in a different way will have longer term and more sustainable impact than what our programmes themselves could achieve on their own.

We were created in 2015 with the support of our partners the Big Lottery Fund, Big Society Capital and the Cabinet Office. Responsibility for civil society within government has since moved to the department for culture, media and sport (DCMS). 

Our Strategy

Our Operational Plan, 17-18

Summary Annual Report, 16-17

Summary Annual Report, 15-16

Signed Accounts 2016

Signed Accounts 2015